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Summer Solstice Evening Flow

☀️ When the sun shines bright and the day is long ☀️

Come and join us on the eve of the summer solstice…

Summer is a season of doing, it is the most energetic season of the year.

We all have a fire that burns within us - our own little bit of the sun - This is the fierce, powerful badass part of you! That part that does all the work to bring your dreams to life. That energy thats drives you to create, build and be bold can be harnessed over the summer season.

At the same time we must surrender to the sun, and at times allow your inner flame to burn softly and slowly. We do this by making space for summer relaxation.

Our Summer solstice evening will give you the perfect opportunity for that…

Allowing you to surrender to the sun and actively acknowledge what you need to let go of in order to make room for the new.

We will start the evening with some time to journal, allowing space for reflection, exploring what you’d like to let go of and what awakens your inner fire.

We will then move through a mindful flowing yoga practice allowing us to be in our bodies and move how we feel we need to.

Concluding with a beautiful yoga nidra, allowing you to rest in the warmth of the summer sun.

All this for just £40!
Price includes a little gift, yummy treats and Pimms (non-alcoholic alternative will be available)
📆 Sunday 23rd June 2024
📍At Bennetts Willow Barn, Manor Farm, Lower Wick, Worcester, WR2 4BS
🕰️ 6:30-9pm
Click on the "BOOK NOW' button to secure your space as spaces are limited and will go quickly! 🤗

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