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Yogabellies Worcestershire events


Aligning With Yourself

These are the most magical evening and is suitable for complete beginners. A space to come and reflect on your life, set some new intentions and move under the moon with some beautiful Luna yoga..To finish there will be some warm 'golden milk' round the fire pit to allow you some time to enjoy the incredible surrounding, release what no longer serves you and soak up the moons rays..Ticket price is £12 and includes your notebook and pencil and a cup of warm 'golden milk'.

Session running:

Saturday 5th May - FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 4th June - FULLY BOOKED

Monday 3rd July - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 2nd August - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 30th August - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 29th September - 1 space left

at the Clover Mill, Cradley.

Full moon - Yogabellies Worcestershire
Full moon yoga - Yogabellies Worcestershire
full moon - yogabellies worcestershire
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